Friday, July 23, 2010

Three months without beef and the enchantment fades...

   As the title suggests, I've been three months without beef. This morning I sat down to a plate full of that and only that according to the suggested method of reintroducing foods from your intolerance list as prescribed by the ALCAT information packet: Plain, organic and by itself first thing in the morning.

  I started on my "orange" list (moderate intolerance) this morning having chosen beef because I had missed it so terribly in the last three months. It was near torture to watch as others ate hamburgers, corned beef, steak, spaghetti and meatballs and all the prevalent beef dishes that seem as much a part of our culture as baseball or Walmart. Needless to say, I was fairly excited about the prospects of being able to eat it again. I made a special trip last night just to get the special beef that fell within the 'plain, organic, no additives whatsoever' directives of the ALCAT.

  Let me tell you - after three months with pork, turkey, vegan fare or fish -  ground beef, no matter how organic, plain or otherwise special is just weird.

  The meat I used to delight in even plain and browned in patty form was now oddly textured to me. I twas almost grainy compared to what I'd been eating. It felt sticky on my teeth, chewy - even though it was ground - and was something that not just benefited from salt, but that needed it.

  The memory of juicy burgers and flavorful, tender meat contrasted greatly with what I was now eating. Where before I could feel the iron in the juices practically revitalizing me instantly after say, a long visit from 'Aunt Irma', I now just felt weighed down.

  Even eating the 5% felt like I was noshing on a long ago flavored lard ball. Honestly, that's as tamely as I can put it. I found myself musing about becoming mostly vegetarian even if my intolerance was gone as I chewed through another piece, teeth adhering every time they came together and grains of meat being lodged in my cheek around the gum line.

  To say the least, even if I'm not intolerant to it any more (which I'll find out in the next 2-24 hours) I don't think I love beef anymore. You can definitely strike my name from the beef lovers list. In fact, I'd venture to say that I don't even like beef anymore.

  Though, to be fair, maybe if all goes well I'll try a steak in another couple of weeks. Though just thinking about it is drying up my mouth and pushing my throat near to a gag reflex.

  For now, I'll go back to forcing myself to chew; pictures of delectable delights made from bovine flesh fading into the painted and photo ads of over cooked, over processed ads of the fifties.

  I should have tested cauliflower first.




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