Thursday, July 22, 2010

15 dollar find

 I was perusing the Valu Village (local thrift shop) sheet section for something fun to do a first run on one of my dress patterns with (Still haven't decided.... but you can find that post here) when I happened to wander toward the furniture section which wasn't very far from the bedding. I had toyed briefly with the idea of a down stairs sewing table to use during the heat that our attic is often plagued with during the summer and thought on the off-chance that maybe there was something serviceable there.

  Well, it just so happens that there was. It was a circa 1960's (fairly sure?) sewing desk! Thinking to myself, "How cool is that! I wonder if I wish for something else if it will appear also..." I wished for chocolate but nothing happened.

A terrible picture of the desk.

  Upon further inspection, this wasn't just a sewing desk.... it was the whole apparatus. The machine inside, the stitch cams included, bobbins, needles, everything!

  The whole thing, accessories and all, for only 15$! And just when I'd given up on the thrift stores around me having anything either relevant or affordable to me.....



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