Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This week I've heard tell of terrible storms that are supposed to be sweeping their way across our state and the one north of us. It's all very death and destruction from what I hear, but I also get my news from a rather hyperbolic source.

What we're actually supposed to get is some snow if you're over 700-1500' and a chance of hail. We're also getting our fair share of windiness, but it's a far cry from the entertainingly exaggerated source I have.

Truthfully, none of this is new though people seem surprised every year. Last year round about this time we had some fantastic windy hail storms that turned the sky green with the leaves and branches that it ripped off of trees. I thought for sure tornadoes were coming! They weren't though, not at least where I am. The peas and other fledgling veggies I had going at the time were all fine. The driveway did threaten to flood, but we stemmed the runoff both at the street and at the garage door and ended up with a massive puddle that cleared a half hour after the rains stopped.

So here we are again, at hail and wind time. I think it's all so invigorating! I guess there are a lot of people depressed or scared by it all, though. You have to admit, in any case, that it makes for some lovely pictures after the fact!



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