Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Peas! Spring's delightful first (vegetable) planting....

About a few weeks ago I started these little darlings in my kitchen with the full intention of sticking them directly into the ground quickly. I have to harden them off first, but here you see them! Ready for their first day of school.... er... sunshine! They grow up so fast!

I love fresh peas from the garden. Snap peas, snow peas, english peas.... I cannot abide peas in cans. They're grey! It kind of wigs me out! Frozen are ok, though.


Here they are in their permanent home. I read somewhere they don't like transplanting so I chose containers that they'd be able to grow through - just in case. Though I wonder why the nursery would sell so many pea starts if that were the case....

 Do you garden? What do you usually plant first?



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