Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rainbows on the ceiling...

When I was younger my mom had a prism hanging in one of the giant picture windows of my great grandmother's house where we lived while Nanny (that's what we called our great grandmother) was in the nursing home. The way it cast rainbows all over the living room fascinated me to no end. It was a fixation that has lasted with me all these years into 'adulthood'. If you can call it that.... I still feel weird being called an adult, but that's another story for another time, lol.

   Fast forward until toward the end of last year when I wandered to a Craftwarehouse for only the second time in my life and ended up right in the middle of their year end sale! They had lots of things at great prices, but one thing that got me rather tickled was a display full of prisms. Hearts, tear drops, spheres and others dripping off of densely packed hooks! I couldn't resist bringing a few home and hanging them all over in my kitchen window. The Pacific Northwest, though, tends to have much cloud cover and raininess for a decent chunk of the year and it was several weeks before I got to see the rainbows that mesmerized me when I was younger. When I did, though I actually giggled out loud.

I hope you enjoy the simple things!


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