Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Knitting - Of the gloves.

 About one week before Christmas this past year my boyfriend decided to ask for 'thin, not bulky, warm gloves' as one of his gifts. It took some creative question asking to see what he meant by that but eventually it came down to this: just plain gloves with a low profile that are actually warm.


    Having started knitting myself a pair of gloves from a free pattern on Ravelry not too long ago (it's the Knotty Gloves pattern and I love them!... er... it) I was astonished at the difference it makes to have an actual, real, wool, handmade glove when back in the cold snap we had which included 17 degree (f) temperatures. (Yes, laugh at the wimpiness midwesterners, easterners, northerners and any other -ers with winters - real winters) Being as I could see my breath outside and my face started going numb I reached for a pair of gloves and found them not forth coming. In a fit of genius and loss of style I picked up one of those 'one-size-fits-most' style acrylic-spandex-who knows gloves like you can buy from just about any major chain stores when the weather turns toward the smaller temperature numbers and.... the one finished wool glove I'd knitted for myself.
  I noticed a few distinct differences between the two after I got in my car and headed off to work. Firstly, the fit is vastly different. A handknit wool glove is much less like a piece of elastic and much more fitted to your hand. I noticed just how non-hand-like my hands apparently were by industry standards. Apparently I don't have mass produced hands. Another thing I ntoiced was warmth. The cold bit right through the synthetic material of the mass produced glove, clear down to my bones! Even further! If that's possible. I was very grateful. Or, half grateful anyway, that I knew how to knit.
  Well, to bring this back to the point, I conveyed these things to my boyfriend upon realizing he was looking toward the genre of low profile knit gloves and he who previously exclaimed 'no! never knit anything for me!' said, "sure, knit some for me". Well, that was about a week before Christmas.
  Granted, gloves are pretty fast projects, but the weather warmed before I got the second one started and I kept getting sick and blah blah blah excuses excuses. Plus, a week before Christmas??
  Anyway, the cooler weather these last few days (low 30's in the mornings with frost or fog) have inspired me to finish them now that he might actually get to use them this season.

(uuuhmmm... yeah, sorry for the terrible photo... indoor lighting is a learning experience for me)

Why do I find it so easy to lose interest in 'off season' projects like say... warm knits when the weather doesn't call for them? Or, summer sewing in the dead of winter?

 Do any of you do that, too?


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