Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's alive!!!!

This morning was a wonderful sunshiney one so I decided to traipse about the yard taking update pictures of the garden. You might remember earlier when I was lamenting the possible demise of my white bleeding hearts. Well, I'm pleased to announce that they've survived!

Not only have they survived, but they're headed up already... and February is not even over yet!

Apologies for the terribly blurry picture. It may have been sunny, but the fir trees across the lane are very proficient at shading the front of my house all morning. I'll replace it if we have sun this evening when I get home.

To make up for it though, I have pictures of other new beginnings around the yard!

This is one of the first of the strawberry blossoms this year! It's off of one of the apline varieties I have. This one happens to make super (candy-like) sweet white berries. They are like tiny little sugar cubes!

This is one of a few columbines I bought on clearance last year. They were poor, sad little creatures when I took them home. Looks like he's just fine now! I believe this is the chocolate, but don't quote me on that. Either way, we'll find out later!

These lovely little feathers of green are chamomile. The sword point on the right is a garlic bunch I managed to miss during last year's harvest. With any luck, the chamomile will end up in some products this summer.

And last but not least, here are two tiny semi-hot houses containing the first pea plants of this season! I know, I know, "Pea plants don't like replanted, Catherine." Well, I figured I'd see how they fared in compostable containers which they would be able to root straight through. They're up on the planter in plastic to keep them a little warmer until I have a weekend to stick them where they are actually going to live.
Do you garden? Have you started any seeds yet, or do you have plans to? What plant do you look most forward to showing up in your yard/planter/neighborhood each year?


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