Monday, February 8, 2010


Since I'll probably talk about them a lot in the future, I just wanted to introduce Creepy and Thor. Ok, so Creepy isn't really her name. I named her Audi A4 but my boyfriend, lovely as he is, refused to call her that, lol. We called her kitty for a while but she's just so weird that I started calling her creepy. She's 'crawl sideways up the arms of the couch and fall off again' creepy. But we love her.


She's also really difficult to get a good picture of because she's so.... creepy. Always dodging the camera.
And then there's Thor. He was very nearly 'Fozzy' and should've been 'Tigger' but Thor suits him just fine also. He's springy. He's also rather high energy and a mutt - shelter dog! He's super lovey too. When we moved to our first house a couple years ago the BF brought home a kiddy pool from one of the local supermarkets we have here and Thor discovered water. He doesn't like to swim, though, and he won't go into anything he can't see the bottom of. He used to walk all the way around puddles when he was younger, but boy, that kiddy pool is his favorite thing!
And hoses. He loves hoses too.

And biting water.

But he also loves naps, not so much being woken up for pictures though.

And his bunny. One of the last of the un-destroyed fuzzy babies.

And of course, playing football with daddy. Not even so much football as 'deflated toy bounce around'.
Anyhow, those are the 'babies'. Do you have fur-babies, too?


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