Friday, February 26, 2010

Red Hair!

I can't believe I forgot to show you all! I have new hair! Well, newly dyed hair. I did this last week. I had been debating between this and black and I suppose you can tell which won!



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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring Morning




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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rainbows on the ceiling...

When I was younger my mom had a prism hanging in one of the giant picture windows of my great grandmother's house where we lived while Nanny (that's what we called our great grandmother) was in the nursing home. The way it cast rainbows all over the living room fascinated me to no end. It was a fixation that has lasted with me all these years into 'adulthood'. If you can call it that.... I still feel weird being called an adult, but that's another story for another time, lol.

   Fast forward until toward the end of last year when I wandered to a Craftwarehouse for only the second time in my life and ended up right in the middle of their year end sale! They had lots of things at great prices, but one thing that got me rather tickled was a display full of prisms. Hearts, tear drops, spheres and others dripping off of densely packed hooks! I couldn't resist bringing a few home and hanging them all over in my kitchen window. The Pacific Northwest, though, tends to have much cloud cover and raininess for a decent chunk of the year and it was several weeks before I got to see the rainbows that mesmerized me when I was younger. When I did, though I actually giggled out loud.

I hope you enjoy the simple things!

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 Apparently I've been keeping this from you! Well, more likely I had forgotten I'd taken this picture in the flurry of things going on of late. My day job has gotten busier (not more business, just more things to do unfortunately), spring planting is starting to pick up (more pictures on that later, I managed to get one of my flower beds started!), activities and working on making this whole Etsy thing go ... somewhere.

Sorry for the blurry! I'm working on that....

<3 Cataphract

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's alive!!!!

This morning was a wonderful sunshiney one so I decided to traipse about the yard taking update pictures of the garden. You might remember earlier when I was lamenting the possible demise of my white bleeding hearts. Well, I'm pleased to announce that they've survived!

Not only have they survived, but they're headed up already... and February is not even over yet!

Apologies for the terribly blurry picture. It may have been sunny, but the fir trees across the lane are very proficient at shading the front of my house all morning. I'll replace it if we have sun this evening when I get home.

To make up for it though, I have pictures of other new beginnings around the yard!

This is one of the first of the strawberry blossoms this year! It's off of one of the apline varieties I have. This one happens to make super (candy-like) sweet white berries. They are like tiny little sugar cubes!

This is one of a few columbines I bought on clearance last year. They were poor, sad little creatures when I took them home. Looks like he's just fine now! I believe this is the chocolate, but don't quote me on that. Either way, we'll find out later!

These lovely little feathers of green are chamomile. The sword point on the right is a garlic bunch I managed to miss during last year's harvest. With any luck, the chamomile will end up in some products this summer.

And last but not least, here are two tiny semi-hot houses containing the first pea plants of this season! I know, I know, "Pea plants don't like replanted, Catherine." Well, I figured I'd see how they fared in compostable containers which they would be able to root straight through. They're up on the planter in plastic to keep them a little warmer until I have a weekend to stick them where they are actually going to live.
Do you garden? Have you started any seeds yet, or do you have plans to? What plant do you look most forward to showing up in your yard/planter/neighborhood each year?

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh, some lovely hair....

It was foggy (humidity) this morning again and I didn't set my hair last night (lazy pants, lazy pants!) so I fell back on this lovely tutorial by Super Kawaii Mama that I found a while back.

My bangs are a lot shorter than hers, so I brushed the natural curls into a wavy... thing and just sprayed them in place instead.

lol sorry about grump-face. I'm not really grump, just not awake either. 

Oh... and the bonus:

"Perhaps I was too ambitious taking pictures this early...."

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Knitting - Of the gloves.

 About one week before Christmas this past year my boyfriend decided to ask for 'thin, not bulky, warm gloves' as one of his gifts. It took some creative question asking to see what he meant by that but eventually it came down to this: just plain gloves with a low profile that are actually warm.


    Having started knitting myself a pair of gloves from a free pattern on Ravelry not too long ago (it's the Knotty Gloves pattern and I love them!... er... it) I was astonished at the difference it makes to have an actual, real, wool, handmade glove when back in the cold snap we had which included 17 degree (f) temperatures. (Yes, laugh at the wimpiness midwesterners, easterners, northerners and any other -ers with winters - real winters) Being as I could see my breath outside and my face started going numb I reached for a pair of gloves and found them not forth coming. In a fit of genius and loss of style I picked up one of those 'one-size-fits-most' style acrylic-spandex-who knows gloves like you can buy from just about any major chain stores when the weather turns toward the smaller temperature numbers and.... the one finished wool glove I'd knitted for myself.
  I noticed a few distinct differences between the two after I got in my car and headed off to work. Firstly, the fit is vastly different. A handknit wool glove is much less like a piece of elastic and much more fitted to your hand. I noticed just how non-hand-like my hands apparently were by industry standards. Apparently I don't have mass produced hands. Another thing I ntoiced was warmth. The cold bit right through the synthetic material of the mass produced glove, clear down to my bones! Even further! If that's possible. I was very grateful. Or, half grateful anyway, that I knew how to knit.
  Well, to bring this back to the point, I conveyed these things to my boyfriend upon realizing he was looking toward the genre of low profile knit gloves and he who previously exclaimed 'no! never knit anything for me!' said, "sure, knit some for me". Well, that was about a week before Christmas.
  Granted, gloves are pretty fast projects, but the weather warmed before I got the second one started and I kept getting sick and blah blah blah excuses excuses. Plus, a week before Christmas??
  Anyway, the cooler weather these last few days (low 30's in the mornings with frost or fog) have inspired me to finish them now that he might actually get to use them this season.

(uuuhmmm... yeah, sorry for the terrible photo... indoor lighting is a learning experience for me)

Why do I find it so easy to lose interest in 'off season' projects like say... warm knits when the weather doesn't call for them? Or, summer sewing in the dead of winter?

 Do any of you do that, too?

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Monday, February 15, 2010

The McKenzie River, Valentine's Day


It was a lovely little place that we had all to ourselves. Well, us and the puppy. 


It was a cozy two room cabin with a fireplace (those pictures to come later, my camera died and we switched to using the boyfriend's phone instead).


The view of the river was very nice. The back deck itself had near as much square footage as the whole cabin.


I hope you all had excellent Valentine's Days as well! (If you choose to celebrate it)

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

I've been away from home! The boyfriend and I have packed up the dog and gone out to a little cabin for the weekend for some much needed alone time (we're currently renting out our spare room).

Lots of pictures to follow!!

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

I had some pictures...

But then my computer ated them.

So! Tomorrow. Tomorrow you will have pictures of my knitting along with the blog post meant for them!


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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Remembering - A Thought on Boldness with Age

 As I was driving to work this morning I got to thinking. It started with drums and got to singing which lead me to thinking about my high school choir career.

 Way back in the before time I was a choir girl at my high school. I was .. or am... also afflicted with the tendency to blush at the drop of a hat, but it was worse back then. I'd turn beet red if even a little bit of attention was being paid to me by people I wasn't familiar with or if a lot of attention was being paid to me by people I was familiar with. So, when the teacher asked me to try out for 'Alegra', which was the elite choir at our not so large high school, I declined to do so out of pure mortification.
  Being in Alegra meant an audition which I had a difficult enough time doing just for the mixed choir without passing out. Being in Alegra also meant a small group, which translated to more solos per person which was right out. It took my brain a short trip to envision what that would be like! Visions of an entire stadium filled with hard critics armed with smelly tomatoes and slimy cabbage welled up in my mind. Looking back now I realize that it was actually a small high school auditorium which was probably only one quarter full. The seats weren't filled with difficult, compost weilding critics, but parents. Parents who for the most part were there to be supportive, not to be derisive of a bunch of kids.

 Of course now I wonder why I couldn't have just gone for it. I know that it was all in my own mind now and I don't think I could've convinced my former self to do it for all the gold in the world anyway. It's funny how much less we care about who's paying attention to us 'making a fool of ourselves' the older we get. It's hilarious to note what constitutes 'making a fool of ourselves' now versus back then as well.

  Do any of you have similar stories? Have you mellowed with age, as it were?

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A post of substance, maybe you can help?

  I've been thinking a lot about my Etsy page lately. I had a rare bout of apparent ambitiousness a few weeks ago when I needed something for my skin and wound up making cold cream. "Why don't I sell this?" says I. I've been trying to, and I realize that I'm still 'new' and need to be patient but I'm wondering if I need to expand the types of items I have.

 Sure, I have some flowers I can put up, but really I need to wait for spring to see where they are as far as health and... uhm... geographically some of them (some of the bulbs are all mixed up and unlabeled right now). Beside that I need to get good pictures of a few of them anyhow....

  Er... back on point! I was thinking about adding soap and/or lip balm (tube style) and/or liquid soaps and/or deodorant powders to the bath section. I don't know if I've scatter-shotted myself to death or I'm just that indecisive, but for the life of me I can't figure out where to start!

 Though, I have decided one thing. I am going to make some set 'flavors' in basic tins/tubs to go along with the refillable ones I have listed. I have a feeling that might help a bit.


  Ideas? Lip balm? Lotion? Soap/Liquid soap?

Le sigh.

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Apparently it's meant to be a foggy week!


This was taken from my front driveway this morning. We don't get t.v. in the traditional sense (we stopped subscribing to cable and never bothered to get a digital converter box to get local channels) and when it's not planting season (like now!) I mostly can't be bothered to look up the weather.

(these other ones were from roughly 8:15 am in the parking lot at work)
Don't get me wrong, though. I adore fog! In fact, I love the weather up here generally anyway. A lot of people complain about the rain and clouds. It sometimes makes me wonder why, if they hate it so much, they stick around?


 I love how the sun is trying to get through but is not really winning. It made for an interesting view!

What's your favorite weather? Do you get to enjoy it much where you are?

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Monday, February 8, 2010


Since I'll probably talk about them a lot in the future, I just wanted to introduce Creepy and Thor. Ok, so Creepy isn't really her name. I named her Audi A4 but my boyfriend, lovely as he is, refused to call her that, lol. We called her kitty for a while but she's just so weird that I started calling her creepy. She's 'crawl sideways up the arms of the couch and fall off again' creepy. But we love her.


She's also really difficult to get a good picture of because she's so.... creepy. Always dodging the camera.
And then there's Thor. He was very nearly 'Fozzy' and should've been 'Tigger' but Thor suits him just fine also. He's springy. He's also rather high energy and a mutt - shelter dog! He's super lovey too. When we moved to our first house a couple years ago the BF brought home a kiddy pool from one of the local supermarkets we have here and Thor discovered water. He doesn't like to swim, though, and he won't go into anything he can't see the bottom of. He used to walk all the way around puddles when he was younger, but boy, that kiddy pool is his favorite thing!
And hoses. He loves hoses too.

And biting water.

But he also loves naps, not so much being woken up for pictures though.

And his bunny. One of the last of the un-destroyed fuzzy babies.

And of course, playing football with daddy. Not even so much football as 'deflated toy bounce around'.
Anyhow, those are the 'babies'. Do you have fur-babies, too?

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 Finally! I am nearly better. Better enough to drag myself out to work this morning only to be surprised by this:


Really?! (says I to myself) Where we live, I'm not generally accustomed to that much frost, let alone that much frost after weeks of it not getting much below 45 Fahrenheit. Even better, it was all clear at my house but completely fogged over all the way to work, but then clear again AT work. How weird is that?

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts, I've gone and managed to get sick - I hope to be well soon, though and posts shall resume as normal then!

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