Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tasty Biscuits and Bleeding Hearts

Really, what morning is complete without homemade biscuits and jam? I would have taken pictures, but I ate them too fast and scurried off to work.

 Instead, here is a picture of my beloved Bleeding Heart. I bought this as barely more than a couple of leaves two years ago. It did nearly nothing the first year and I was sure I'd killed it until it exploded into what you see here last year. Actually, truth be told, this is about three quarters of the size it ended up being last year. This past year, though, we had some rather cold weather. For here anyway. 17 degrees Fahrenheit! For several days, even! These guys aren't supposed to be terribly cold tolerant. My mom told me about how my great grandmother would carefully cover hers with a jar every winter in Colorado so that it would come back the next year. I didn't manage to take such precautions though, I just didn't expect it to get that cold over here.
 Looking along the sides of roads I see that I'm not alone though, lots of people seem to have lost branches or entire trees and shrubs to this season's quick and sharp cold snap. On the bright side, though, I'll get to pick out new plants for all the ones that didn't make it! New plants are one of my great joys in life. I have a very hard time not buying half the nursery every time I go, lol! To make matters worse, there's one within walking distance of my house! Though, walking does seem to keep my purchases smaller than they would be if I had a whole car to load up instead of just my arms.

 So, here's hoping my little Bleeding Heart is ok!


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